Tuesday, January 20, 2015

La Salle Centre needs our assistance. See what we can do to help

La Salle Centre Director, Brother Matthew Bay said besides the centre, the school chapel too needs some repair works, particularly the roof as water seepage has started to show signs of damage to the entire area.

Below are the breakdown of works need to be carried out. 
Additional repairs and upgrading
1.       Roof cracks require ‘roofing’ over.  (RM 15000.00)
2.       Ceiling cracks and flaking paint – repair and repaint (5000.00)
3.       Reconnect water piping to sink in sacristy  (200.00)
4.       Construct 1 unit toilet/washroom at back of chapel  (5000.00)
5.       New altar table to replace old plywood piece  (500.00)
6.       Choir loft door/window to be replaced with stained or coloured glass – for light (500.00?)
7.       Sacristy floor need re-varnishing  (300.00)
8.       Casement windows to replace current glass louvers 3000.00)
9.       Thicker glass/stained glass/coloured glass to replace current clear, thin panes on doors (3500.00)
10.   Chapel surround – add plaster ceiling, down lights, fans.  (10000.00?)

Estimated total cost of RM 50,000.00 based on costing given several years ago. The projects are listed in order of need/ priorities and quality of material can be upgraded or downgraded or the project downsized according to the availability of funds.

This list of needs was drawn up by Mr.John Bosco and Brother Matthew Bay after consulting and discussing with several concerned people.

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