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SMI First Lady Principal Madam Loh Wei Seng Retires

Bidding farewell to the teachers and students....Madam Loh Wei Seng leaves behind a rich legacy at St Michael's Ipoh. 
St Michael's Institution, Ipoh has a long list of outstanding Brother Directors and Principals since her birth on December 4, 1912. The pictures of all these distinguished heads of school are prominently placed at the school parlour to acknowledge their notable and remarkable services. Yes, Madam Loh Wei Seng, who served par excellence at SMI, is accorded that honour too.
She arrived at SMI on August 19, 2011 to helm the school leadership. Mdm Loh was the Principal of SMK Seri Keledang Ipoh prior to her appointment as Head of SMI. She had served in SMK Dr Megat Khas Ipoh, SMK St Bernadette's Convent,Batu Gajah and SMK Main Convent Ipoh.
On February 6, 2105, being her last day as Principal, the school organised a farewell for Mdm Loh. It was an occasion attended by many old Michaelians, fellow Principals from schools around Ipoh and her friends who came to wish her "Happy Retirement".

In the words of Mr Joseph Michael Lee, the PIBG chairman who wrote about Madam Loh.

Mdm Loh Wei Seng is first among equals. She is St. Michael's first lady principal but she stands equal among our previous principals. She came to lead a great school and will be leaving it a greater school. Her task was not easy as expectations upon her were high from the Board, the LaSalle community, parents and especially the students. Wei Seng has created for St.Michael's an educational environment that allows our children to flourish in their academic pursuits and discover their passion and talents in the arts, in humanitarianism and in sports.
She has worked well with all the stakeholders of St. Michael's and the PTA had been able to carry out our activities successfully because of the support and advice given to us by Wei Seng. My committee members and I want to express our gratitude to her for her guidance. We appreciate her role as our Advisor and thank her.
In the period that Wei Seng had been the principal I was also in the PTA and witnessing her dedication to St. Michael's and her affection to our students i had been pushed to try to perform better to at least keep the PTA on the same page with her. I saw the same dynamics at work in the school as the staff were also giving their best to emulate their principal. Wei Seng made us push ourselves but she pushed herself harder.
Wei Seng will be remembered by Michaelians not just because she was our first lady principal but we will remember her because she has been true to her chosen profession. We will remember her as a good person, a caring person and a good teacher. Some say that behind every successful man is a woman but Wei Seng has taught Michaelians that behind every good person there is a good TEACHER.
I thank the organising committee for allowing me to convey my gratitude and appreciation for Wei Seng to her.
Wei Seng, you may be retiring from the civil service but never retire from your profession for you are a good teacher and the world will always need good teachers. 

Chairman of Board of Governors, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian wrote:-

I remember the day Bro Vincent and I met the JPN director to propose our candidate to replace Mr Phoon as principal whereby the Director asked us if we were sure we wanted a lady principal. We replied that we only want the best principal for our school. And in the period that Mdm Loh Wei Seng has helmed our school she has performed admirably.
Wei Seng was no stranger to St. Michael’s as she spent two years in Form Six with us. She came back to us just as we celebrated our Centenary and knowing the needs of a LaSallian school she immediately organised a fun fair and helped the Board to raise a substantial amount of money to help the Board improved the educational experience of Michaelians.
She has worked well with the Board of Governors and I thank her for her invaluable advice which has assisted the Board to guide St.Michael’s in the LaSallian tradition of caring for the last, the lost and the least.
I am happy for her that she is ending her illustrious service with the Education Ministry in her Alma Mater. I wish that she will leave us with fond memories just as we will fondly remember her. I am grateful that she served the school with distinction and express my appreciation to her. St. Michael’s will miss her.

Brother Vincent Corkery says:
Madam Loh’s name will remain embedded in our Michaelian memory for a long time, not least as our first lady principal. When she took charge in August 2011, she was ideally placed to take SMI through its centennial year [1912-2012], a defining event for the whole Michaelian family. This she did splendidly.
Among the many highlights of that year many will remember the celebratory funfair which she organised. It reflected memories of her own sixth form years at SMI. The centenary funfair was a thrill of sheer carnival with stalls and side-shows to suit all tastes. Once again we saw the multiplicity of stalls jammed with eager customers.This was largely due to her personal involvement in every aspect of preparation, the enthusiasm she generated and the massive support she inspired.
That same year her merits, in particular her inspirational leadership, received public recognition when the Sultan awarded her the Darjah Ali Mahkota Perak [AMP].
During her years as Principal she gave personal attention to all aspects of school life, academic, extra-/co-curricular activities and staff development. The annual stage production, sports day, cross-country run, speech day etc were superbly organised to showcase the Michaelian Spirit.
I wish to say a big thank-you to Madam Loh for her dedication and service to St Michael’s and wish her many years of further fulfilment as she leaves us.
Quis Ut Deus 

Mr Michael Lip, President of SMI KL Alumni
Our SMI Alumni Association Klang Valley Association will miss you as the first ever Lady Principal of the secondary School in the School's history. You are a great example of a true blue Michaelian. Your welcoming and caring nature, your passion and selfless nature for SMI to excel will always be remembered by many present and former Michaelians!
Congratulations Mdm Loh! We wish you the very best on your retirement and may the Good Lord bless you any your family always!

What the blogger says:- Happy Retirement and we wish you many great days ahead.

Cheers from us at St Michael's Ipoh.

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