Tuesday, September 08, 2015

All That Happened, All That Excitement... at SMI Ipoh

The Founder's Day at St Michael's Institution. It’s a day to reflect on the rich history of the Lasallian mission and celebrate the man whose vision and dedication in providing holistic education to the young, especially the poor. 
Each year, Lasallians honor St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the La Salle Brothers and patron saint of teachers, on May 15, known as Founder’s Day. Many schools and ministries host various events and liturgies to honor De La Salle. 
At St Michael's, we celebrated Founder's Day on July 27, 2015 at a very meaningful ceremony during the Monday assembly witnessed by fellow Michaelians, teachers and members of the PIBG. Brother Matthew Bay was present at the event.

The week-long celebration included playing La Sallian songs on air, exhibition of La Salle's life journey, Lasallian education and values. The school's Michaelian Heritage Gallery was made available to the students during the week.
The Founder's Day was launched by school Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying. Looking on are Brother Matthew Bay, fourth from left, Mr Michael Joseph Lee, PIBG chairman, second from left, OMA secretary Mr Anthony Lourdes, extreme right and school administrators.
The blogger is in the process of uploading videos on youtube on events taking place in school. While others are already doing that for years, I am still in the stage of exploring. Thank you again for being strong supporters of the alma mater. Yes, all of you can make a difference.  

It's good to display materials on La Sallian values and how these values can form the foundation in character building of these students. All Lasallian schools should organise events like the  Founder's Day to ensure the school community preserve this age-old tradition.
The exhibition area at the school foyer- efforts of the librarians and prefects in making this possible has to be mentioned here. 

An event worth remembering - the Founder's Day at St Michael's Ipoh.
The school foyer also known as the school parlour

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