Friday, September 11, 2015

Esprit De Corp at St Michael's - Truly A Unique Michaelian Value

All things are possible at St Michael's Ipoh simply because we have a common goal and a common vision. Look!It is actually in line with the La Sallian song, "ONE LA SALLE". 
The lyric is 
Our faith, our foundation, no matter how we pray,
To the poor we give our service
To brighten up their day
We are a community,
Each other we uphold
Our Motto Signum Fidei,
joins us both young and old.
Mr Rajan and the blogger were at Kamdar to acquire some materials to make choir stole for choir members, They were performing for Brother Vincent's Diamond Jubilee.
Librarians and prefects preparing display materials for Founder's Day at the foyer. We thank them for a job well done.

Wushu club members practising hard for a lion dance performance in conjunction with Brother Vincent's Diamond Jubilee.

Season drummers in action, also for Brother Vincent's celebration. The boys practised hard for the occasion.

Michaelian scouts gathered for a cooking competition. Events like this are not only healthy but building team work and strengthening friendship.

Waiting for their creation to be judged by the seniors.
This group needs no introduction. Yes, it's the Michaelian Military Band. This band stands out in everything they do. We did not win a place at the state-level Merdeka parade but we were glad we took part.

Speech Day on 30 July 2015 was another event to remember. Our guest-of-honor was Dr Adib Vincent Tung who is an old Michaelian.  Here, he is accompanied by our Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying to inspect the guard of honour.

Rehearsal for Brother Vincent's Jubilee. All went well. All parties worked hard. Thank you all.
I have more stories in store to post in the next few days. As for now, I have three classes of question papers to mark, numbering around 110 scripts so I need a few more days before I can update the next posts. Oh yes, this year, I am teaching Form Three and the boys are taking the PT3 in October 2015.
That's all for today. Cheers and best wishes from all of us at St Michael's Ipoh.

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