Friday, November 20, 2015

Another Update After A (Long) While

The year is coming to an end - a rather eventful and meaningful year at St Michael's. This year is laden with many happenings and events which involve students, old boys, teachers and of course the Ipoh community as well.
SMI is always a school which advocates the La Sallian's call for Faith, Service and Community.
We celebrated Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery's 87th birthday on 2 November 2015. The Michaelian community led by the Principal Madam Chan Nyook Ying, together with teachers, school leaders and fellow Michaelians were at the La Salle Centre to sing Happy Birthday song for a dear man we always consider our patriarch. Members of the Old Michaelians Association and the PIBG were also there to honour Brother Vincent.
A 3-member Michaelian Military Band came a calling to render an amazing song to cheer up the day, much to the delight of those who turned up.
Another update which we need to highlight, a subject which is close to the heart of fellow Michaelians - we have drama in 2016 - FROZEN! a movie which made the song, "Let It Go", popular. Miss Corrinne Mah will be directing the play.

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Coming soon in April 2016 - reservation opens - e-mail: and be assured of a ticket.

Adrian Lai, old Michaelian, former debater and public speaker hands over a cheque to the Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying,  He is currently the director of Reservoir Production. Our appreciation to Adrian Lai.
A message to fellow Michaelians .. Adrian Lai is being interviewed by members of the Editorial Board, which article will be featured in this year's magazine - The Michaelian.
Bryson Chee is the top reader in school. He represented St Michael's Ipoh at the Zone Level NILAM  competition. It's time we produce more readers, emulating this young man. Seen here are Pn Shaw Wani, the library adviser and Principal Mdm Chan.
Master Darren Leong represented Malaysia at the Asia Spelling Cup 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. He finished 2nd. Darren was crowned the National Champion at the RHB-NST Spell-It-Right Competition  2015. He was also the state champion. Darren is fourth from right.
Boys from the Class of 1990 who visited the alma mater to rekindle their memories. Here they pay a visit to the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. 
Boys from the Class of 90. They acted like school boys when they were here, the same day when the OMA dinner was held. Visits like this are strongly encouraged as fellowship is forged and bonding is strengthened. 

The story of the day goes to our very special guy - Mr Herbert, a lab assistant, who never fails to render medical assistance to virtually any student who comes to him to have a finger treated for cuts or a knee which needs a little acriflavin (yellow solution). This boy had a fall and he knew exactly where to get the treatment - the science lab where Mr Herbert is always available.
St Michael's salutes Mr Herbert for his unwavering dedication and service to the school community. He deserves our utmost respect. For me, he is truly a Michaelian:

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