Thursday, February 26, 2015

A monkey found loitering at SMI

UPDATE: 7 MARCH 2015- The cage is still empty and there is no spotting of the monkey since Monday. It could not be in school anymore.

A monkey was spotted three days ago by some students at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh. The boys alerted their teachers who later informed the personnel from the Department of Wildlife.
The primate was initially seen standing at the rooftop of the school main building but later disappeared, possibly due to the attention it got from the students. It re-appeared later in the day much to the amusement from our boys.
The cage which will be used later to trap the monkey.
Yesterday, the men from the Wildlife came with some tranquilizer but the monkey hid itself. This morning, two men were seen bringing in a big metal cage, using possibly a juicy banana as a bait!
We will see how it goes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mr Tan Lee Khuai Retires

After a span of 36 years in the teaching profession, Mr Tan Lee Khuai finally called it quits, having St Michael's Ipoh as his last port of call.
Born on January 27, 1955, Mr Tan is known among his colleagues and students as a Maths wizard, always seen coaching students who were in need of his expertise.
His first school after obtaining his degree was SMK Tronoh. That was in 1979 when he began his vocation as an educator. He was there until 1986 before he was transferred to SMK Menglembu in 1987.
The following year, Mr Tan stepped into St Michael's Institution Ipoh where he taught until he retired - January 26, 2015.
A ceremony was planned- presentations by students, cutting of birthday cake, presentation of certificate and souvenirs and the customary send-off by teachers and students.
Teachers bidding farewell to Mr Tan. Looking on is Principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng (extreme left)
We wish him well. It's time to do the things he likes doing - in his retirement.