Tuesday, August 11, 2015

QUIS UT DEUS! What makes a Michaelian true?

Cheers and best wishes! Dear Michaelians, it has been a long time. Now that most programmes and events for the year are over, it's updating of blog time. Oh yes, just to inform that I am also the proud owner of a Twitter account with the handle @peterkhiew. This is quite recent while for this blog, it has been quite a number of years. I started with something on discipline matters but later progressed to posts that keep our Michaelians, wherever they are, updated on happenings at the alma mater.
While going through the book, Our Story, I came across the article on, "What makes a Michaelian true?" I scanned the article and posted it here for all to have a look and see how we can relate to this. It is written many years ago by Brother Michael Jacques.
Let's stay true to being a Michaelian and be proud of it!

Signing off,