Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exciting Happenings At the Alma Mater

The launching of the school theme by Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying, witnessed by Brother Vincent Corkery, PIBG head Mr Joseph Michael Lee and his committee members, OMA Secretary Mr Anthony Lourdes and school administrators. Date of launch: January 11, 2016.
We were only into the third week of school yet teachers and students were already having their hands full almost daily. Not only having lessons in class but outdoor activities like club and sports meetings were in full gear.
The school reserved the entire first week for class management as textbooks needed to be distributed and workbooks, exercise books and apparatus had to be acquired. The book shop assistants were working virtually non-stop during the first and second week to meet the demand.
Now that St Michael's Ipoh is under the Dual Language Programme, we have to double up our efforts not only to uphold the standard of English but also to ensure that Bahasa Melayu continues to make the mark in all our examinations. That said, we are thankful that St Michael's Ipoh has always carries itself well in having her children interacting with one another wonderfully in these two main languages. We must pledge ourselves to upkeep this age-old tradition!
We highlight here a few school events which took place in school, marking the beginning of the 2016 school term - which I foresee will be another busy, challenging and exciting year.
SMI Drama 2016 is "FROZEN" to be shown on 15, 16 and 17 April 2016. Here, a rehearsal is taking place in the school hall. Director is Ms Corrinne Mah. Ticket reservation is open. Do e-mail peterkhiew@yahoo.com.  
Academically-inclined: Form Five boys this year who would work hard to make sure they deliver in their SPM examination. They are also going to assist their classmates - staying  true to our motto of taking care of  "the last, the least and the lost".    
Under-15 Rugby boys who trained hard under En Helmi receiving medals for their efforts in thrashing a few schools last year. En Helmi was a rugger while in school. 
Michaelian silat boys who deserve a mention here for their efforts in a competition organised by the education department last year. With them are their adviser Cikgu Adi, the school head Mdm Chan and Mr Kong, senior assistant for Co-curricular.
The Michaelian Run aka Cross Country continues to garner the strong support of current Michaelians. This year the gathering was held on 16 January 2016 which also saw the presence of many old boys who turned up to participate. Bravo!  
KL-based motivational speaker Mr S. Jeyaraman interacting with our boys during a session on self discovery and character building. It was held at the La Salle Auditorium.
Doing it the Michaelian way -  every Monday during the weekly assembly, prefects will say their prayers and lead the school in the singing of the National anthem, state song and School Rally. Once a month, the recital of the Rukunegara and Michaelian Oath. Keep it strong!
The Gen Y Michaelians...the way forward.
100 percent attendance in 2015. We do this to acknowledge the students' efforts. 
"Empowering Values, Strenthening Tradition" - Michaelians must continue to be strong in character and noble in their values.
The blogger presenting a talk on "The Michaelian Spirit" to the Form One boys during their Orientation Week during the first week. Sessions like this are important to ensure those who enter SMI know the tradition, ethos and culture of the school. Another session will be for the Lower Six students when they come in, probably in the middle of the year. 
Regards from us all at St Michael's Ipoh.

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