Monday, February 29, 2016

What A Year...

Greetings! First and foremost, the results of SPM and STPM 2015 will be released this week - March 3, Thursday (SPM) and STPM (Term 3) is March 2, (Wednesday). All of us at St Michael's Ipoh wish our candidates the very best.
A number of events took place at the Alma Mater the past weeks and below are some pictures depicting these.
It won't be long when the school drama starts - rehearsals are in full swing. The school just launched it at the school assembly, witnessed by fellow Michaelians and teachers. Tickets are selling well, posters are up and two official "FROZEN" banners have been put up by the scouts - one facing the assembly ground and another facing the main road, a strategic point for the general public to know what is happening. We look forward to your support.
We also celebrated the Chinese New Year - something we are doing every year, in line with what we believe - "Celebrating Our Diversity".
Wushu club members strutting their stuff - we salute their efforts.
Teachers are wearing red too - the Principal giving out 'angpaus' to those who are still single.
"Gong Xi Fa Cai", Brother. A box of mandarin from the Principal.
For the first time, the school celebrated the occasion with parents- here, PK HEM En Jaafar is presenting mandarin oranges to a parent. 
What a surprise....Principal Mdm Chan saying "Happy Chinese New Year" to a parent.
As always....fellow Michaelians are helping out.
The Living Skills building area and the scouts'  den compound are being cleared in preparation for some construction works.

We managed to keep the marble plaque which was placed outside the Kemahiran Hidup block - it was officiated by the then Deputy Education Minister Datuk Fong Chan Onn on 21 August 1998.
Monday, March 29 will be start of the term test for Form Three students. If I have the time, I will post a few more events which are the Lasallian Book Drive, student leaders' installation and some sports achievements. Until then, best wishes and the best from us all at SMI Ipoh - "EMPOWERING VALUES, STRENGTHENING TRADITION".
The scouts were clearing the scouts' den when they realised that the hissing sound from inside the cabinet came from a snake. We were alerted to their call for help. Yes, both Mr Lawrence and I came to assist and here we are with the scouts. 
With that last picture, I call it a day.

Signing off,
Peter Khiew

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