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Exciting Events At St Michael's Ipoh.

The beginning of the year is always a time eagerly looking forward to by fellow Michaelians. When school started on January 3, 2017, we had 1459 students, consisting of Form One to Form Five and Upper Six students. 
Flashback ..the pioneer batch of DLP students (Form One in 2016) after sitting for the Cambridge English at St Michael's Ipoh. Only a few selected schools in Perak were chosen to undergo the test which comprised reading, listening, speaking and written tests. The then Sector Head (Academic) of the Perak Education Department Tn. Hj. Mohd Rosli bin Ahmad and officers from the JPN and PPD came to observe the administering of the test.    
St Michael's Ipoh runs the DLP (Dual Language Programme), already in its second year, with its core purpose of giving students the opportunity to use either English or Malay in Science, Mathematics, Information Technology and Communication, and Design and Technology; the DLP is expected to boost English proficiency, as well as enhancing students’ future employability opportunities.
SMI teachers with officials from the Cambridge English.

We are also glad that St Michael's Ipoh has a strong tradition in English speaking among its students. With the government policy in implementing the MBMMBI (To Uphold Bahasa Malaysia And To Strengthen The English Language), we have the privilege to hold the weekly school assembly in both languages twice each month.

Below are the events that took place this year at our alma mater. While some are current, there are some which have to be highlighted as all these add colours to the dynamism and vibrancy of the school which is close to our hearts.
The customary Michaelian Run (cross country) which was officiated by OMA Secretary Mr Anthony Lourdes on January 14, 2017. 
Old Michaelians turned up to support the Michaelian Run 2017. 
Look at how excited they were. Turnout was marvellous as they came to demonstrate the Michaelian spirit and to fellowship, We are now looking forward to another main event - Michaelian Sports Day!
Besides Michaelian Run, we also launched the school theme which is, "Respect, Discipline, Order - Make It Happen". Members of the PIBG, OMA, teachers and students witnessed this event. 
School Theme 2017 - "Respect, Discipline, Order - Make It Happen". It was launched by Principal Mdm Chan Nyook Ying and witnessed by PIBG head Mr Joseph Michael Lee, OMA Secretary Mr Anthony Lourdes, teachers and fellow Michaelians. It was carried out on January 16, 2017.

Making It Happen, boys! Always hold the three words close to your hearts.

Senior prefects were officially presented with name tags. They comprise the management team for 2016/2017. Service in De La Salle- faith, service, community. Their chief adviser is Mr K. Karunagaran and PK HEM is Encik Jaafar. Kudos for a job well done. 
Top performers in PT3( 2016). We thank the teachers, parents and all Michaelians for the hard work and dedication. 
School-level Chinese New Year celebration at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh. It was a joyous  occasion to showcase the rich tradition practised by the Chinese. We will also celebrate Deepavali and Hari Raya Aidifitri - celebrating our diversity at SMI.
The Wushu Club members were instrumental in making the occasion meaningful to all. Thanking the Leo Club members, prefects and their teacher advisers for their support and commitment. 
Skills in calligraphy - students drawing auspicious Chinese characters infront of students and teachers -- completing the characters in 60 seconds!

The eye-dotting ceremony was performed by Mr Yong Sin Wah and Mr Anthony Lourdes. The pair of lion heads were sponsored by a very generous Michaelian who wishes to remain anonymous. 

The principal and senior teachers having their lunch during the interval of the first staff meeting, in preparation for the coming 2017 academic year.
Remembering Brother Vincent..occasionally we explored Ipoh for outlets which serve good coffee and nice, toast bread.
Visitors from La Salle schools in Hong Kong - we welcome visitors from a very big network of Lasallian family locally and around the world. 
Our Hong Kong visitors paid a courtesy call on Brother Matthew Bay, director of La Salle Centre, Ipoh.

The 9th APLEC ( Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators Congress) was held from 4th to 8th December 2016 in Malacca. Malaysia was the host. The Congress was attended by 14 countries which included Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. I am honoured to be chosen by the La Salle Brothers Malaysia to be part of the Secretariat team members.

St Michael's Ipoh was represented by Mr Lawrence, Mr Sivagobi and Peter Khiew. 
That's the update as of now. Another posting of articles will be carried out shortly. Until then, keep the Michaelian flag flying high and proud!

Signing off,
Peter Khiew

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